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  • Clay action: THEATER
Location: Public Places
Strategic Objective: To awaken in the public a discomfort on the question of eternity, bringing through simple and elaborate aesthetics a reflection on the future.
2. Creative Cleaning Action:
Location: Public Places
Strategic Objective: To promote a cleaning and / or a collective effort that brings a view of the group's service in relation to society, coordinated with the concept of sustainability that joins the need for us to be moderators of the environment. This action is placed as a service principle.
  • Painting the neighborhood: Mobilizing plastic artists to help paint the streets with the community - Graffiti of public places in large cities with themes that communicate peace, covering "graffiti and vandalism".
  • Cleaning of significant public places
  • Preservation: Awareness of the need to preserve rivers, forests, animals and places that need human awareness and actions.
3. Prohibition Action:
Location: Transito
Strategic Objective: Awareness about the misunderstanding between alcohol, direction and the value of life. This action is done at the traffic light, during the time that it turns red for vehicles. It has a format aimed at correlating citizenship, shining the law that is already known.
4. Water of life:
Location: Transito
Strategic Objective: To generate an illustration about exhaustible natural resources, generating public instigation. In this action, we have people dressed as waiters and waitresses, with trays and glasses of water.
Location: Public Places
Strategic Objective: To attract the audience in a spontaneous, attractive and direct way by the language of dance.
6. Thematic Choreographies:
Location: Public Places
Strategic Objective: To awaken groups of dances to produce works that can be presented outdoors to prophesy, communicate and expand the biblical message using the techniques available, as well as the regional languages ​​of each locality intertwining the cultural language with the communication of the Word of God!
7. Relief Actions:
Location: Nursing Homes, Orphanages and Hospitals
Strategic Objective: To reach disabled groups and have this experience with Art on the streets or in places prepared for this purpose with the aim of bringing hope, protection and joy. This action also aims to motivate and motivate art groups to visit and creatively help these places.
8.Musical impact
Location: Public Places Generally
Drums / Percussion, Acoustic, Bands in general.
Strategic Objective: Various musical presentations, which may be made by different groups and art in public places in general.
10.Cine Life:
Location: Public places in general - Churches - etc
Strategic Objective: Promote the transmission of films on screens or screens in the communities, giving access to all.
11. Responsible Departure:
Location: Transito
Strategic Objective: To attract the attention of drivers, encouraging them to manifest themselves, with a "sound" act by reading the name: Jesus.
12. Code of Life:
Location: Squares, Parks and public places in general
Strategic Objective: To awaken a different target audience, creating an alternative form of communication to announce the plan of salvation.
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