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Find out about some projects carried out by REGAR - GLOBAL ART NETWORK


The Global Arts Network, in partnership with

David Quilan (duly authorized), entered the project of worship and proclamation of the gospel:

"Because he lives".


We are a family owned and operated business.

We held our own edition of the movement with 32 dancers from all regions of Brazil, understanding that the unity of the Body of Christ manifests the glory of God here on earth.

Vitor kowalski- BA / Ana Paula da Silva - ES / Síria Cordeiro - RJ / Flavinho Andrade and Fiama Fernanda -MG / Priscila Rodrigues - SP / Lisa Corbini-SP / Katia Marin -RS / Camila Amaral- RJ / Daiane Miranda -MG / Bruna Bezerra-PA / Daniella Origuela -SP / Josimar Edson -PE / Jamyla Cedraz -BA / Rebeca Azara -SP / Elaine Cristina-MS / Natalia Vital - RA / Késsia Oliveira - SP / Alan Gregório - RJ / José Guilherme and Thalita Almeida - RJ / Marcela Marys - SP / Ana Carolina Jacinto -MT / Luciana Pinheiro - GO /

Loi Genara -MS / Viviane Rodrigues -MS / Lavínia Folha - MA / Vivian Lazzerini -SP / Camila Amaral -RJ / Gustavo Rolim - SP / Felipe Toddy - DF / Jonathan Bryan - MG / Patrícia Rezende- MG

Thanks from REGAR:

To God, first of all, for the breath of life that allows us to dance and worship His name with our whole being.

We thank David Quilan for allowing us to participate in this movement.

We thank each facilitator at REGAR.

To our friend Anderson Zang from Studio do Corpo.

Creative Processes / 2020
Our first conference on Arts in the Christian Context aimed at artists from
Visual Arts and Theater.

From 07 to 12 September 2020…

Always from 8pm to 10pm

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

With classes and devotional every day with different themes, among them: Art in the Christian context; Creative process.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The valorization of visual arts in public policies; Evangelism through the arts, Specific workshops for each segment and Round table on the Christian cultural scene!

We are a family owned and operated business.

“Mind renewed, art restored!”

Confluência Regar / 2019

The Global Network of Arts Confluence is a meeting where people from different parts of Brazil and other nations come together to seek the presence of God and share how the various manifestations of arts will be applied to the service of the kingdom as an evangelism tool, where a explosion of praise, intercession, words, ministries, communion, dance and much more, bringing together leaders from all over Brazil, united in one purpose: to make a difference on this Earth and win lives for Christ.

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