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REGAR is a global network formed by Christian artists who connect and cooperate with each other to produce meaningful and transformative art in our society. Being a non-governmental and interdenominational institution.

In May 2005, pastors Adriana Pinheiro Diogo and Luciana Pinheiro Torres, responsible for Companhia Rhema in Goiânia, were invited to participate in an event called * Transform World in Jakarta, Indonesia. *
This event brought together social leaders, artists, pastors and government officials from approximately 59 nations, where they were challenged and inspired to come together around a common project of integration, motivation and transformation, through their different areas of activity.
Meetings were held divided into 27 groups with different focuses of action, discussing topics such as: arts, religion / prayer, education, women, family, government, marketing, nation reconstruction, poverty, education, leadership, youth, among others.
It was discussed how each area could contribute to the economic, political and cultural transformation of nations.


Contribute to the mission of the church by encouraging the growth of Christian artists, in the most diverse areas of activity, connecting through communication strategy, arts groups and artists from around the world, promoting integration between them and encouraging projects that benefit cultural activities in their field of activity, considering art as a means of transforming society.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Win artists for the Lord Jesus and through the arts, motivate the transformation of our society aiming at the Lordship of Christ.

Our mission is summed up in MICE which would be the M to Mobilize the I to Inspire the C to Connect and the E to teach.
Mobilize- Coordinate the cooperative work of artists, teams and organizations in general to develop actions of common interest.

Inspire- Offer subsidies and guidance for the individual and collective development of partners according to the values ​​of REGAR.

Connect - Establish a network of communication and cooperation between artists, teams and organizations in general, covering their different areas of action and multiple languages ​​for growth and mutual strengthening in the development of art and culture.

Teaching- Promote meetings and develop didactic material for the training and improvement of artists and teams in the development of art within REGAR.

We are based on the 4 Pillars of Christian Art: Worship / Evangelism / Teaching / Restoration
REGAR Global Arts Network, has no ecclesiastical authority over any of its members and partners. Our structure was created as facilitators who, as the word itself says, are charged with facilitating and organizing the network. * Its structure occurs only at the organizational level. * Members must be linked to a religious organization through a church and local leadership and follow their values ​​and principles.

We believe that art is a universal language, with multiple dimensions and that goes beyond beauty and fame, but it can be a means to touch the soul and transform the reality in which we live, contributing to reach lives and establish the Kingdom of God in Earth.
We believe that the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit through artists, can contribute to communicate the ethical values ​​of the Kingdom of God to all spheres of society, thus provoking a reflection that can transform the religious, economic, political and cultural life of the Restoration.
We believe that the Christian arts have as main objective the reach of the individual having the Bible as inspiration.

REGAR - Global Arts Network

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